Acquisitions & Divestitures

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On behalf of the Canadian government, CDEV aquires and sells major assets to accelerate growth, maximize value and protect the integrity of the Canadian economy.

Our ability to analyze optimal outcomes, implement strategic negotiations and execute high-value transfers ensures that financial and policy goals are achieved. CDEV’s decades of financial advisory experience, coupled with its ability to procure top global advisors, provides reliable expertise in negotiating and executing sales to the benefit of all Canadians.

To date, CDEV has generated $9 billion in net proceeds from asset sales.

Take a look at select transactions from our Divestment Portfolio below.

Select Divested Assets

General Motors

  • ^In 2009, the Government of Canada invested significant funds to acquire GM shares as it emerged from bankruptcy.
  • ^CDEV managed the shares held by the Government of Canada.
  • ^CDEV sold its equity interests in GM in several tranches through the General Motors IPO and subsequent block trades.
  • ^In 2015, CDEV fully divested GM stake.


  • ^In 2011, CDEV negotiated the sale of its shares to Fiat.

Ridley Terminals

  • ^In 2019, CDEV successfully completed the sale of Ridley Terminals Inc. through a competitive sale process.
  • ^CDEV worked with the Department of Finance and Transport Canada to establish terms of reference to maximize value obtained and achieve policy goals.
  • ^CDEV negotiated a first-of-its-kind transfer of a 10% equity stake to local First Nations.

Air Canada Warrants

  • ^In 2022, CDEV negotiated the repurchase by Air Canada of warrants received as part of its 2021 LEEFF loan package.

Dominion Coal Blocks

  • ^In 2014-2015, CDEV was mandated to divest the Dominion Coal Blocks in B.C., in cooperation with Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs
  • ^CDEV negotiated with local First Nations, the Government of B.C. and multinational coal companies to obtain rights necessary for divestiture and development
  • ^The sale process is currently suspended.