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General Information

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General Information


Canada Hibernia Holding Corporation (CHHC) was incorporated in March 1993 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canada Development Investment Corporation (CDEV), a federal crown corporation. CHHC’s sole purpose is the holding and management of the Government of Canada’s interests in the Hibernia Project, which is an oil development and production project located offshore Newfoundland and Labrador. The Hibernia Project comprises the original Hibernia Development Project area, where CHHC has an 8.5% working interest, and the Hibernia Southern Extension Unit (“HSE Unit”), where CHHC has a 5.67% working interest. Construction of the field facilities was completed in 1997 and first oil from the original Hibernia field occurred in November 1997. First oil from the HSE Unit occurred in 2011. The Hibernia Development Project and the HSE Unit may collectively be referred to as the “Hibernia Project”.

The Corporation is managed by its Board of Directors which through its parent company, CDEV, reports to Parliament through the Minister of Finance.



Located in Calgary, CHHC plays an active role as a working interest owner in the Hibernia Development Project. CHHC’s responsibilities are to maximize shareholder value through the exploration, development, production and marketing of crude oil from the Hibernia Development Project. 

CHHC’s long term goals are as follows: 

  • To manage the shareholder’s ownership in the Hibernia Project. In doing so, CHHC is committed to ensuring that the health and safety of workers and protection of the environment are paramount in all Hibernia decisions; operating in legal and regulatory compliance; protecting the shareholder’s ownership interests and maximizing value from the assets; and making decisions in a commercially prudent manner. 
  • To keep the Hibernia asset in a ready state for evaluation and sale should Canada elect to divest of the asset.

CHHC achieves these goals through fulfilling its role as a non-operating working interest owner of the Hibernia project and its role in managing the marketing and transportation of its share of Hibernia crude oil. CHHC participates regularly in the Hibernia Executive Committee, which is responsible for the management of the project, and technical, legal, health, safety and environmental, and financial committees that collectively oversee the ongoing business planning and operations of the Hibernia project. CHHC manages the transportation and marketing of its crude oil through contractual relationships with other owners and service providers to the producing fields offshore Newfoundland and Labrador.

CHHC derives its cash flow solely from its Hibernia production operating activities and assets which include its share of Hibernia field production and a small portion from incidental revenue from the Hibernia drilling and production facilities. Cash flow fluctuates depending on Hibernia production volumes, on the price of crude oil, operating costs, royalties, taxes, major capital expenditures and incidental revenues. 

Since inception, CHHC has been staffed by a small group of professionals with extensive industry experience. 


Institutional Functions, Programs and Activities


Canada Hibernia Holding Corporation’s sole responsibility is to hold, manage, administer and operate the Government of Canada’s working interests in the Hibernia offshore oil project, in order to maximize the benefits for the shareholders.  


Through the Operator (Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd.) of the Hibernia Development Project, the Company develops the oil and gas reservoirs in the Hibernia field by shooting seismic lines, interpreting results and applying geological science and theory to develop our hydrocarbon deposits. 

Geo Science and Technical Reports
Description: This class of record contains analyses, models, plans, maps, draft agreements and studies related to the Hibernia Development Project and Hibernia South Extension.
Document Types: Development and depletion; field development; Hibernia field data acquisition programs; oil in place data; petrophysical data; permeability studies; revisions and amendments to development plans; reservoir interpretations and simulations; source/migration/fill studies; subsurface technical studies and well planning and performance.
Record Number: CHHC GTR 200

Hibernia Well Files
Description: This class of record contains records related to the drilling of individual wells in the Hibernia, and Ben Nevis Avalon, and Catalina formations in the Hibernia field.
Document Types: Core analysis, drilling reports, reservoir fluid analysis, seismic data analysis, well logs and related reports.
Record Number: CHHC HWF800


The coordination of cargo sales for CHHC cargoes either loaded at the Hibernia platform or loaded at the Newfoundland Transshipment Terminal. This involves coordinating and subcontracting for marketing services with another Hibernia producer company.  

Lifting and Transportation
Description: This class of record contains all records related to the lifting, transportation, off-loading and marketing of crude oil for the Hibernia Development Project.
Document Types: Correspondence; drawings; market considerations; opinions; proposals; reports; request for proposals; studies; technical evaluations of terminals, marketing agreements, and reserved capacity arrangements at the Newfoundland Transhipment Terminal.
Record Number: CHHC LAT 500



The Hibernia Development Project began first oil production in 1997. Since that time, development of the field has taken place, through the interpretation of geological, geophysical and well data, and applying this knowledge to search out and drill additional development wells. Development of the field has added additional recoverable oil reserves.

Summaries of Agreements
Description: This class of record contains information relating to agreements, summaries of agreements, assignments, novation’s, memorandums of understanding and amendments to agreements entered into with other Hibernia Development Project working interest owners and Hibernia South Extension Unit working interest owners.
Document Types: Canada/Newfoundland and Labrador; Framework; Exploration Licences; authority for expenditure; bids and services letter; correspondence; Fiscal: Canada event rights and security sharing; federal contributions; and net profits interest; Newfoundland: corporate income tax, escrow, operator’s lien, royalty, and workable arrangements, Inter-owner security, debts, floating charge debenture, trust and pledge, and trustee compensation. Joint venture ownership and operating: confidentiality, handover certificate, lifting and transportation, logistics sharing, Nautilus H-09 drilling, and waiver of overdraft protection. Oil sales and purchase: Production: license and transfer of an undivided share. Transportation: rate changes, time charter and charter hire coordination of rights, transhipment terminal project and MT Mattea administration and use. Transhipment: Assurance, mediation settlement, and reserved capacity services.
Record Number: CHHC SOA 700

Internal Services are groups of related activities and resources that are administered to support the needs of programs and other corporate obligations of an organization. These groups are: Management and Oversight Services; Communications Services; Legal Services; Human Resources Management Services; Financial Management Services; Information Management Services; Information Technology Services; Real Property Services; Materiel Services; Acquisition Services; and Travel and Other Administrative Services. Internal Services include only those activities and resources that apply across an organization and not to those provided specifically to a program.


Acquisition Services involve activities undertaken to acquire a good or service to fulfil a properly completed request (including a complete and accurate definition of requirements and certification that funds are available) until entering into or amending a contract.

  • Procurement and Contracting
  • Professional Services Contracts

Communications Services involve activities undertaken to ensure that Government of Canada communications are effectively managed, well-coordinated and responsive to the diverse information needs of the public. The communications management function ensures that the public – internal or external – receives government information, and that the views and concerns of the public are taken into account in the planning, management and evaluation of policies, programs, services and initiatives.

  • Communications 

Financial Management Services involve activities undertaken to ensure the prudent use of public resources, including planning, budgeting, accounting, reporting, control and oversight, analysis, decision support and advice, and financial systems.

  • Financial Management 

Human Resources Management Services involve activities undertaken for determining strategic direction, allocating resources among services and processes, as well as activities relating to analyzing exposure to risk and determining appropriate countermeasures. They ensure that the service operations and programs of the federal government comply with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and/or plans.

  • Compensation and Benefits 
  • Recruitment and Staffing 

Information Management Services involve activities undertaken to achieve efficient and effective information management to support program and service delivery; foster informed decision making; facilitate accountability, transparency, and collaboration; and preserve and ensure access to information and records for the benefit of present and future generations.

  • Information Management 
  • Automated Document, Records and Information Management Systems

Information Technology Services involve activities undertaken to achieve efficient and effective use of information technology to support government priorities and program delivery, to increase productivity, and to enhance services to the public.

  • Information Technology 

Legal Services involve activities undertaken to enable government departments and agencies to pursue policy, program and service delivery priorities and objectives within a legally sound framework.

  • Legal Services 

Management and Oversight Services involve activities undertaken for determining strategic direction, and allocating resources among services and processes, as well as those activities related to analyzing exposure to risk and determining appropriate countermeasures. They ensure that the service operations and programs of the federal government comply with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and/or plans. 

  • Internal Audit and Evaluation 
  • Planning and Reporting 

Materiel Services involve activities undertaken to ensure that materiel can be managed by departments in a sustainable and financially responsible manner that supports the cost-effective and efficient delivery of government programs.

  • Materiel Management 

Travel and Other Administrative Services include Government of Canada (GC) travel services, as well as those other internal services that do not smoothly fit with any of the internal services categories.

  • Access to Information and Privacy
  • Administrative Services 
  • Parking
  • Boards, Committees and Councils
  • Members of Boards, Committees and Councils
  • Business Continuity Planning 
  • Travel

Classes of Personal Information

In the course of conducting the activities of the Corporation, personal information may be accumulated which is not contained in the specific information banks described in this entry. This information exists in a fragmented form throughout the subject files of the Corporation. This information is stored as part of the general subject files. This form of information is retrievable only if specifics are provided concerning the subject matter, the related activity, as well as the date at which the information was received by the Corporation and to whom it was addressed. 

The personal information contained in the subject files is retained for the same period of time as the related subject information and disposed of according to the appropriate record schedule. 

Additional Information

Please see the Introduction to this publication for information on access procedures under the provisions of the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. 

Please note: Each request made to the CHHC under the Access to Information and Privacy Act must be accompanied by an application fee of $5.00, cheque or money order made payable to the Canada Hibernia Holding Corporation. 

For additional information about the programs and activities of the CHHC, please contact: 

Canada Hibernia Holding Corporation
1750W, 144 4th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3N4
Attention: Tammie Voisin
Telephone: (403) 269-7858

Reading Room

In accordance with the Access to Information Act, an area on the premises of this institution has been designated as a public reading room. The address is: 

Canada Hibernia Holding Corporation
1750W, 144 4th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3N4